Bicycle Rear Light + Anti-theft Alarm USB Charge Wireless Remote

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· Bicycle tail light & anti-theft alarm in one device, compact and convenient to use
· Two models available, with or without remote control for order options
· Loud noise sound up to 120DB, clearly audible
· Bright LED chip COB, strong illumination, visible at distance
· Built-in Li-polymer battery in lamp, USB rechargeable
· Sturdily built, quality material & components, stable performance, durable

· Light source: LED COB red light
· Light mode: 3 modes - A3:Fast Strobe, Medium Strobe, Slow Strobe
A6:Fast Strobe, Medium Strobe, Steady
· Control: Remote control or button switch
· Alarm: Electronic, one sound, up to 120DB max
· Lamp Battery: A6 700 mAH, A3 400 mAH, Li-polymer battery, chargeable
· A6 Controller Battery: 12 V / 27 A battery (included), replaceable, not chargeable
· Charge: About 2-3 hours to full charge (5V 1A max )
· Run item: Approx. 8-12 hours

· Ingress protection: Rain water proof - do not use in water
· Material: ABS plastic, electronic devices
· MountPlease refer to the pictures below
· Size: Please refer to the pictures below
· Net Weight: Lamp approx. 70 grams (with bracket) - Controller: approx. 23 grams (with bracket)

· Do not charge over 5V 1A.
· Charge the lamp in time when the battery is low or off.
· Do not look at or shine the light directly into eyes.
· Do not use in water. NEVER throw this lamp into fire.
· Keep away from children.
1. This listing comes with two models for order option. Please note that A6 has remote control, whereas A3 does not.
2. Both A6 and A3 have movement sensor inside and there is a small sound when it is at shaken - this is normal and does not mean there are any manufacturing or quality defects.

anti-theft alarm for bicycle